Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why do people not care?

The way you present yourself affects the way you feel about yourself and the initial impression people will have of you. I can not believe what I see in a professional environment sometimes. Sloppy shirts, inappropriate footware, ill-fitting pants... I could go on. Today, its someone young that is irritating me, especially, why they would not care about at least looking like they are young and confident. Call me superficial if you want, but presenting a confident, respectable looking self, will attract like minded people into your life.

All it does for me is make me think 'well if you dont give a damn about yourself, I can't be bothered with you either'.


  1. Oh I couldnt agree more Sam. I recently met the Business Manager for a Senior Executive in a leading government department and she was wearing ill fitting jeans and sneakers at work and was very poorly groomed. I was momentarily speechless.

    There's another group of "people who dont care" who amaze me but I'll shut up on that one (we all have different values / priorities etc.)



  2. I agree Sam :) We have 'casual' Fridays here at work, but sometimes people take it too literally - thongs, halter tops and short shorts! So very wrong!