Friday, October 30, 2009

Hippy in Heels

We moved house in September to a fantastic area. Walking distance to cafes, boutique shops, the beach and across the road from the biggest Organic shop SOR. Its a well established area and due to its location it is a mecca for hippies!
The following is common:
1. Bright coloured clothing
2. Dreadlocks
3. Canvas bags
4. Terry towelling clothing
5. Shoes are optional
6. Having a dog and not owning a lead! ... must be part of letting animals be free??
7. Having 2 dogs
8. Having 3 dogs
9. Doing f**k all on a weekday
10. Buying Organic produce!
So anyway, I like where we live but.....
1. I like colour, but not that much
2. Dreadlocks - eww they are dirty looking
3. Yay go the canvas bags!
4. I wont even comment on this!
5. I LOVE shoes, the higher the better!
6.This is quiet annoying as Odi wants to rip the head off anything that comes near him.
7. the more the merrier
8. ok, now its a monagery
9. I struggle to be this lazy
10. I LOVE this!
Ok, so perhaps I am semi hippy....... well, do you like my new ORGANIC VEGGIE PATCH??? The seeds are organic and no pesticides are used, summer planting is done and should be ready to pic in a month. I have ALL sorts of things in there!
As you can see our NEW retaining wall looks very strange in front of the rustic back fence...... thats Freo for ya! We have heritage houses on both sides of us.... its nice, adds to the feel, I really like our back fence :) You can also see we have lots of landscaping to do... had a Landscaper in this morning (yes I am NOT duing it myslef) gardening is not something I enjoy.

I think that its important that Jethro grows up understanding where his food comes from. I think being semi self suffient is good for the environment. And I will definetely save money because organic produce is expensive!
Sam I Am semi-hippy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be Decisive

Every day, every hour, every minute, you will make a decision. Some simple, some not. What is important is that you actually MAKE one.

Deciding what is right for you needs to be backed by commitment, small things will stand in your way, its important to push them aside because if you fall to pieces at the smallest obstical you loose your power.

Having the power to control your mind will make you happy and successful. Remember, there is never usually anything else stopping you. If you are physically capable you are more than capable!

Prioritise your goals and make a commitment. You can.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you really need THAT much variety?

I do need to discuss this, my thoughts trailed to it after a conversation with one of my best mates. My suggestion to her was to cook extra at dinner so when she works back late on a Thursday night she has dinner ready and no excuse not to eat well. Anyway, she said 'I cant do what you do, I need variety every night'.

To me, eating something two nights in a row is not a big deal, in fact I eat the same every week night, except I change the protein. Why? well, firstly, I am a mum, secondly, I run a business and thirdly, I have to fit my training in everyday. All this takes precident over variety! If I don't have to cook when I get home I am bloody happy!

This aside, my CONSISTENCY with my nutrition means that I am pretty LEAN all the time! The apparent 'lack of variety' means that the consistencey of my nutrition works so my macro-nutrients are on target everyday. If I was to eat different everyday I would have to spend time working out if tomorrows planned food fits into all my ratios (I say MY ratios because MY ratios work for me and it is come through simple trial and error and reading and questions that I know what my body wants).

To be honest, I dont really go a day and think 'shit I want to do something different'. When I do, I overhaul my plan and do another one for a few weeks. Saturday nights we go out for dinner and Sunday nights I cook something special (healthy of course :)). I dont have time during the week to think about variety and until this was brought to my attention, I didnt really think about it. NO I dont think I need variety. Should we be eating for our wellbeing? - YES! sometimes you need to back away from the selfish attachment of getting 'whatever you want' to eat. I feed my dog almost the same thing every night and he is always excited! hahhhaa. If you had less choices you would be happy to eat what is in front of you. We are lucky we even have variety, but think, do you really NEED it or is your mind telling you you do?

Us humans think too much.

I enjoy my meals, in fact, I look forward to them. This week I have a total of 8 meals a day, everyone I am hanging for by the time it is due. My mind is satisfied with the taste and my body is cherished and fufilled by its nutrients. I am LUCKY I live in a country where I have the choice to eat what I want, however, I prioritise, daily variety doesnt sit above the importance of looking after myself and eating well. I am not saying that you cant eat well with variety, I am just saying that it is a lot of work to make sure it is what your body needs everyday, especially if you are trying to loose weight.

You dont NEED variety you WANT variety. If you lead a busy life, I just dont see why it has to be everyday and that you can choose a bad option just cause you dont want to warm up last nights dinner, all it does is jeopodise your goals. Prioritise.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Tribute

After all the inking in blogland, I felt it is time to post mine. I had this tattoo done in August. So what does it mean? I really do hear you asking that because thats what everyone asks!

This is a nautical flag, it represents the letter 'D'. I also had the letter D put in the middle of the flag. D = Dad, D = Don, D = Dunbar. D just is my dad, and boats where my dads life, thats where the nautical flag comes in.

This way I have my dad with me everyday, personally, the tattoo is more than a tribute, it is my way of showing RESPECT. I loved and respected him enough that I would mark my body for life (crap I am crying - AGAIN!) 2nd time today. But thats ok :)

Dad had his full name tattooed on the inside of his forearm. He did it when he was 11 with a needle and ink. Consequently he hated tattoos. He always told me not to get a tattoo, its funny, he would kill me but be totally chuffed by it (although never show it). He would simply smile and say 'ooohhhhh chicken, why did you do that?'..... in a scalding appreciative way. Kinda like when I brought Odi home as a puppy, he really wanted him and couldnt hide his happiness beneath his scalding of me. He just gave up and said 'give him here' and smothered him with cuddles. Thats probably what he would do to me, give up trying to scald and cuddle me because he would really be chuffed.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Such a simple question really. When I was a child I would ask dad 'why?' he would always say 'because Y is a crooked letter and can not be straightened'. Does that suffice??? :)

Ok, before I start, was great to see some awesome pics from the Olympia, looked like a fantastic weekend and congrats to all the competitors! It was on my mind all weekend, really wanted to be there.

Back to Why? Well, I decided a while ago that I would compete next year. I will always love the sport, so it made sence to stop 'fighting' the urge and just do it. The main reason I have tried to fight it is that I am at peace with all things nutrition and body. Without sounding 'up myself' I like what I see! Damian laughs at my morning ritual which involves some ab poses and a booty look.... I like it! hell, why shouldnt I, I eat clean and train hard, I DONT make EXCUSES and I deserve to like what I see!

It hasnt always been that way and thats what scares me. I sit a few kg above my comp weight now, but when I was competing I was 10kg above comp weight off-season. SO have I perfected things??? well, perhaps. So why am I competing again? Because I love the sport! Great answer Sam! If I had of said 'to motivate me to loose a few kg' 'or retain my training motivation'.... then my reasons would not be right. Not right for me anyway.

Everything is different (and has been for the past year+) I eat different, I think different, I train different to I ever have! Once I look control of my mind, I took control of my body.

On a different topic, I am waiting for my summer planting to be done in my veggie patch. I put in an organic veggie patch a month ago when we moved house. I will have to take photos! Hoping to be mainly self suffiicient when this next planting sprouts. We missed winter planting (have just a few veggies at the moment).

I teach Body Attack on Monday nights and I have the worst hami DOMS from training saturday, tongiht is gonna hurt especially when doing the kicks!


Friday, October 16, 2009

I Am An Artist

One of my favourite parts in the Pumping Iron DVD is when Arnie describes himself as an artist. He describes his body as 'his work' and that his work has taken him years. The body is the hardest material to work with.

The past few weeks have repeated Arnies motto as I have entered the gym for my training. I AM AN ARTIST. I see the beautiful muscle I have created (nature creates the most beautiful things, what is more natural than muscle?). I see the areas that require a little more muscle. I see the areas with 'the right amount' of muscle. My sculpture requires continual improvement and maintenance. Arnie, I am an artist too!

I am at the highest of highs with my trainng at the moment, just thought I would share how I was feeling :)

Been a little sleep deprived :( which wouldnt be helping this artist deal with her material! (muscle needs sleep right). Jethro's been ill, unfortunately if I am up all night its just too bad! gotta go to work the next day! I have my fingers crossed tonight I will be able to sleep, tomorrow (Saturday) is 7.30am start for leg training!

Speaking of my little rascal, take a look at how big he is now! I think I last posted a pick about 6 months ago, thats probably about how long I have been gone. I moved house while I was away, gotta show some pictures soon, I love my house :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Odi is ok...

Well, to cut a long story short, Odi had Onion Toxicity. I had no idea that onions can kill dogs. His daddy cooked up a heap on the new BBQ then put them in his food all week. The onions made him anemic (dropped his red blood count). Getting to the bottom of what was making him anemic was the problem. If it had of been his heart medication we would have had issues. Anyway, Odi may forgive his dad for trying to kill him, but he is definetely on the mend!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Interesting Read

Last night before I taught RPM, my training partner had been for a run and brought up an article she had sent to me a few months back. This prompted me to re-read it. Have a look it is quiet interesting.

How Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Performance

With all the changes in hormone levels that occur during your menstrual cycle, you'd expect speed workouts to suffer during your period, right? Wrong. Surprisingly, near the end of your period, your body is actually geared to pegging track workouts and tempo runs. However, your long, slow runs will suffer. Read on to learn how your training and racing is affected by your menstrual cycle. Read it here:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Odi's sick....

..... and I am scared. Will be at Cardiology unit tomorrow at Murdoch Uni Vet Hospital. Odi is strong. He is already medicated up to the eyeballs poor boy :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am so glad......

…. that weight training is a part of my life. Sometimes I look at people doing endless cardio sessions (with no change) and feel sorry for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love hard core cardio! But 2 or 3 times a week, is good for me. I am an Attacker through and through. But I consider myself one of the lucky gals who discovered weight training and understand the benefits it has for keeping lean and building LBM.

Almost weekly I am asked ‘what I do to stay lean’ and for most girls, they do not understand that I can stay in shape with just 2 to 3 cardio sessions. Consistently the response to adding weight training to your program is not positive. This is why I consider myself ‘lucky’, I found weights, took a chance, and gave them a go. I hope in the future, I am not one of the lucky few, but one of the lucky many.

Move some weights girls :)


Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Back!

You all know why I disappeared for a while. My grief was personal, but I am sure that in future posts I will touch on this part of my life.

I am here, I am fit and I am healthy and back to discuss it!

The competition season is in full swing. Wishing all the competitors the best and looking forward to INBA WA's State Titles tomorrow. I do have the best seat in the house (the judges table).