Monday, October 19, 2009


Such a simple question really. When I was a child I would ask dad 'why?' he would always say 'because Y is a crooked letter and can not be straightened'. Does that suffice??? :)

Ok, before I start, was great to see some awesome pics from the Olympia, looked like a fantastic weekend and congrats to all the competitors! It was on my mind all weekend, really wanted to be there.

Back to Why? Well, I decided a while ago that I would compete next year. I will always love the sport, so it made sence to stop 'fighting' the urge and just do it. The main reason I have tried to fight it is that I am at peace with all things nutrition and body. Without sounding 'up myself' I like what I see! Damian laughs at my morning ritual which involves some ab poses and a booty look.... I like it! hell, why shouldnt I, I eat clean and train hard, I DONT make EXCUSES and I deserve to like what I see!

It hasnt always been that way and thats what scares me. I sit a few kg above my comp weight now, but when I was competing I was 10kg above comp weight off-season. SO have I perfected things??? well, perhaps. So why am I competing again? Because I love the sport! Great answer Sam! If I had of said 'to motivate me to loose a few kg' 'or retain my training motivation'.... then my reasons would not be right. Not right for me anyway.

Everything is different (and has been for the past year+) I eat different, I think different, I train different to I ever have! Once I look control of my mind, I took control of my body.

On a different topic, I am waiting for my summer planting to be done in my veggie patch. I put in an organic veggie patch a month ago when we moved house. I will have to take photos! Hoping to be mainly self suffiicient when this next planting sprouts. We missed winter planting (have just a few veggies at the moment).

I teach Body Attack on Monday nights and I have the worst hami DOMS from training saturday, tongiht is gonna hurt especially when doing the kicks!



  1. I for one look forward to your return to stage. Welcome back Sam! :o) xxx

  2. I so want to say "don't do it" but I'm not because it's your life and your choice.

    Only you can make the decision that is right for you Sam.

  3. Sama! Cool! I totally understand the urge for stage again.....I took 2009 off due to lots of reasons and very glad i did. BUT i'm settled into my new life and the stage is calling me again.......just can't help the feeling! SO like you - i'm going with my gut feeling which is always pretty on target ;) Hope we bump into each other at some stage in 2010!!

  4. Thanks Lia :)

    Hi shelley, yeah I think it might be time to trust myself and test my mind strength :)

    COOL yay Fern, yes hopefully we will meet :) cant wait to see the tank up onstage again!