Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you really need THAT much variety?

I do need to discuss this, my thoughts trailed to it after a conversation with one of my best mates. My suggestion to her was to cook extra at dinner so when she works back late on a Thursday night she has dinner ready and no excuse not to eat well. Anyway, she said 'I cant do what you do, I need variety every night'.

To me, eating something two nights in a row is not a big deal, in fact I eat the same every week night, except I change the protein. Why? well, firstly, I am a mum, secondly, I run a business and thirdly, I have to fit my training in everyday. All this takes precident over variety! If I don't have to cook when I get home I am bloody happy!

This aside, my CONSISTENCY with my nutrition means that I am pretty LEAN all the time! The apparent 'lack of variety' means that the consistencey of my nutrition works so my macro-nutrients are on target everyday. If I was to eat different everyday I would have to spend time working out if tomorrows planned food fits into all my ratios (I say MY ratios because MY ratios work for me and it is come through simple trial and error and reading and questions that I know what my body wants).

To be honest, I dont really go a day and think 'shit I want to do something different'. When I do, I overhaul my plan and do another one for a few weeks. Saturday nights we go out for dinner and Sunday nights I cook something special (healthy of course :)). I dont have time during the week to think about variety and until this was brought to my attention, I didnt really think about it. NO I dont think I need variety. Should we be eating for our wellbeing? - YES! sometimes you need to back away from the selfish attachment of getting 'whatever you want' to eat. I feed my dog almost the same thing every night and he is always excited! hahhhaa. If you had less choices you would be happy to eat what is in front of you. We are lucky we even have variety, but think, do you really NEED it or is your mind telling you you do?

Us humans think too much.

I enjoy my meals, in fact, I look forward to them. This week I have a total of 8 meals a day, everyone I am hanging for by the time it is due. My mind is satisfied with the taste and my body is cherished and fufilled by its nutrients. I am LUCKY I live in a country where I have the choice to eat what I want, however, I prioritise, daily variety doesnt sit above the importance of looking after myself and eating well. I am not saying that you cant eat well with variety, I am just saying that it is a lot of work to make sure it is what your body needs everyday, especially if you are trying to loose weight.

You dont NEED variety you WANT variety. If you lead a busy life, I just dont see why it has to be everyday and that you can choose a bad option just cause you dont want to warm up last nights dinner, all it does is jeopodise your goals. Prioritise.


  1. I'm with you Sam. I eat the same thing for five days straight every single week week in week out. I agree to that it's a want not a need. If I want variety I just change one thing like a vegetable or salad to give myself that change but that's it. :o)


  2. I couldn't agree more Sam! I eat the same things pretty much every day and I even eat the same "treats" when I let myself have them! I really am a creature of habit :)

  3. I totally agree with you there Sam. I happily eat the same things week in and week out (maybe its a leftover from the comp days?), whereas my hubbie gets bored after two days and says that he 'needs something different'. I dunno, I just find it easier to eat the same thing everyday and if its what you enjoy, then there's no real need for the variety xoxo

  4. Just wanted to let you and lia know that I have changed my blog again! So if anyone left comments for me yesterday they are gone! Bloody blogger! Anyway, I can be found over here :)