Friday, October 16, 2009

I Am An Artist

One of my favourite parts in the Pumping Iron DVD is when Arnie describes himself as an artist. He describes his body as 'his work' and that his work has taken him years. The body is the hardest material to work with.

The past few weeks have repeated Arnies motto as I have entered the gym for my training. I AM AN ARTIST. I see the beautiful muscle I have created (nature creates the most beautiful things, what is more natural than muscle?). I see the areas that require a little more muscle. I see the areas with 'the right amount' of muscle. My sculpture requires continual improvement and maintenance. Arnie, I am an artist too!

I am at the highest of highs with my trainng at the moment, just thought I would share how I was feeling :)

Been a little sleep deprived :( which wouldnt be helping this artist deal with her material! (muscle needs sleep right). Jethro's been ill, unfortunately if I am up all night its just too bad! gotta go to work the next day! I have my fingers crossed tonight I will be able to sleep, tomorrow (Saturday) is 7.30am start for leg training!

Speaking of my little rascal, take a look at how big he is now! I think I last posted a pick about 6 months ago, thats probably about how long I have been gone. I moved house while I was away, gotta show some pictures soon, I love my house :)


  1. Hi sam
    wow Jethro has grown, so cute & I am glad that you are back blogging but also understood your reasons.
    Cant believe how excited I was to see your pic on a comment you made on another blog & it lead me to yours... you inspire people more than you know...

    Jools x

  2. Hiya Sam..
    Welcome back gorgeous girl!
    I hope you are doing well.
    Your little guy is just beautiful. he is so big now!

  3. Jethro is such a gorgeous gorgeous lil man!!! I love being in a house again, after 5 years in units, being in a home is rad! love to see ya pics!
    LOVE the artist quote, LOVE pumping iron movie - so many cool quotes! Keep smiling gorgeous and hope you catch up on some snooze time x

  4. Welcome back honey! Jethro is soooooo cute :) xoxo

  5. Hey Jools, thats so cute that you got excited :) thanks for the nice comment :)

    Yes, Friday he is growing so fast!

    Thanks Fern, have been catching up slowley.

    Tahnks Alicia, yeah he is cute :)