Friday, October 30, 2009

Hippy in Heels

We moved house in September to a fantastic area. Walking distance to cafes, boutique shops, the beach and across the road from the biggest Organic shop SOR. Its a well established area and due to its location it is a mecca for hippies!
The following is common:
1. Bright coloured clothing
2. Dreadlocks
3. Canvas bags
4. Terry towelling clothing
5. Shoes are optional
6. Having a dog and not owning a lead! ... must be part of letting animals be free??
7. Having 2 dogs
8. Having 3 dogs
9. Doing f**k all on a weekday
10. Buying Organic produce!
So anyway, I like where we live but.....
1. I like colour, but not that much
2. Dreadlocks - eww they are dirty looking
3. Yay go the canvas bags!
4. I wont even comment on this!
5. I LOVE shoes, the higher the better!
6.This is quiet annoying as Odi wants to rip the head off anything that comes near him.
7. the more the merrier
8. ok, now its a monagery
9. I struggle to be this lazy
10. I LOVE this!
Ok, so perhaps I am semi hippy....... well, do you like my new ORGANIC VEGGIE PATCH??? The seeds are organic and no pesticides are used, summer planting is done and should be ready to pic in a month. I have ALL sorts of things in there!
As you can see our NEW retaining wall looks very strange in front of the rustic back fence...... thats Freo for ya! We have heritage houses on both sides of us.... its nice, adds to the feel, I really like our back fence :) You can also see we have lots of landscaping to do... had a Landscaper in this morning (yes I am NOT duing it myslef) gardening is not something I enjoy.

I think that its important that Jethro grows up understanding where his food comes from. I think being semi self suffient is good for the environment. And I will definetely save money because organic produce is expensive!
Sam I Am semi-hippy.


  1. haha cute post, made me giggle!!!! xx

  2. Well hello there you semi hippy you! My number one complaint about living amongst hippies would hae to be the lack of attention to personal hygeine. Wear deodorants mofos!

    I LOVE hippies, I went to Uni with heaps of thm, hang out at Byron Bay whenever I can but I bloody HATE the smell of B.O!

    I love your garden, it looks great. It's a fantastic feeling growing your own veggies isn't it? Have a great weekend Sam :)

  3. I'm loving the garden, great idea! Be sure to post more photos as your garden sprouts and grows for me. ;o) xxx

  4. Have you been kidnapped by those hippies Miss Samo? Where are ya?

  5. Hiya Sam... Just wanted to say Hi and let you know Im thinking of you today.
    Take care