Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everyday is Great!

Have been in my own little world haven’t I? For no particular reason, just working, training, eating, sleeping and being a mum really.

It is now less than 4months to my comp. I have stayed pretty lean for a year now, so I am starting comp prep 12weeks out, which is the start of next year. I am stronger than I have ever been, leaner off season than I have ever been. I am also doing only 2 hours of cardio which is when I teach RPM and Attack. So if I can stay this lean on such little cardio, then I am going to respond superbly when I add it in. The main reason I have been doing so little, is I place my weight training above cardio, so I suppose I think it is more important. The 2 classes I teach out of joy and also to maintain my cardio fitness. But certainly it is mainly a lifestyle choice for me at the moment, oh and that I am lean without doing it! This week I have added half hour in the mornings. I have an awesome weight training partner she is just great! And is a good runner too! Yep we see a lot of each other :)

Since my last post my dad had a birthday. I thought I would be ok, but I wasn’t it hurt. It was thinking of our conversation for that day, I would tell him it was his birthday, and he would tell me he never remembers because it is all about how old you feel! It would also serve to remind him that it is my birthday the following day, still he would usually forget! LOL

So, yes I turned 31, caught up with my friends and had a great day.

Everything is quiet different for me at the moment. I feel strong and I am more excited than ever. My focus is powerful. It is the perfect time, I am ready. I am completely in control. Everything is in the mind.

I am off for a quick 5day scuba dive trip in Malaysia at the end of December (I will still train of course!!). Then come first week of Jan, I will be comp prepping. I remember when I was young and my dad was teaching me to free dive (diving without air) he would tell me that I only ‘thought’ I was going to run out of breath, that I really had lots more oxygen available. He would say ‘it was all in the mind chick’… It was only this week (when booking my dive trip) that I recalled him telling me this, I realise now that something he told me when I was young has been the catalyst for my outlook on life. I have just applied it to other things. Really though, the more I think of it, the more I recall times when he has used this phrase.

I decided to compete again about September, when I made that decision I also decided that I needed to take the decision making out of my own hands, I have prepped myself before and found I am just not objective, I am a little hard on myself, I think that there are a number of competitors that I have spoken to who are like this. It is to the point that I make counterproductive decisions, against my better judgement. I really struggle to view myself objectively. So I knew I had to be coached for diet. When I made this decision I started talking to Michelle Nazaroff. I watched a few DVDs of us together and thought ‘gee, she has changed sooo much!?’. Isn’t it important to choose someone who has impressed you? The changes she has made since 2006 til now are phenomenal. So, anyway, we started talking and I am really excited, Michelle’s going to take me to my next comp! I will start working weekly with Michelle in January. Relieved she agrees I am in good condition and can start prep in Jan.

Ok well, this is it for me for now, got lots of Les Mills choreography to learn so better focus!

Self Motivate or Self Detonate (long story)



  1. I agree, the firsts hurt Sam. I don't think we'll ever get over the loss of our parents, it's not something you can just get over.

    I can't wait to see you up on stage again, after an extended break your body should respond just beautifully with any luck and I'm privileged to be able to be a part of that process. See you in Syndey. ;o) xxx

  2. You are going to be amazing when you step on stage next and yes, it's important to choose someone who inspires and impresses you! She always looks so radiant so that says a hell of a lot to me, says that she knows what she's doing and keeping herself healthy whilst competing! xx

  3. Looking good Sam! Very jealous ;)

  4. Hi Sam! It has been a long time since we have communicated, so much has happened for you. I'm looking forward to seeing that spunky butt back on stage!
    Love Di