Friday, December 11, 2009

You want this?

Well then you better start being consistent. You better stop making excuses. Continually disheartened by people making excuses that just don't sit in my book!

You want to know what I do, I spend MY time telling you, I do it because I am passionate. Why do you tell me you can't?

I ask questions DAILY, hourly even, I believe it is the best way to learn. I don't write something off until I try it. Ok, I challenge any Sandgroper who believes they can't, to spend a week with me.

Ok, I am finished with that rant!

I had an apiphany courtisy of my belovered training partner. Whom I also have the occasional strangest dejavu with, but anyway, because of this apiphany I may be using this blog solely for recording my comp progress on a weekly basis, I can give you nothing else! I have so much to give, I just can't share it in this type of media form.

So, the comp is either the 27th March or 3rd April (still not confirmed)... Still planning comp prep 12 weeks out which is early next year. I will be updating my blog weekly, I will start this weekend (although not in comp prep yet) with pictures (remember your camera training buddy:) hha) and general weekly stuff eg. how I'm feeling (yes I have feelings!) etc etc. Hoping you guys will follow me there :)

On another note, I got stung by my first bee on Wednesday night riding to the gym.... I got stung in the chest on chest night!! Didnt hinder my training cause I didnt let it.

Self Motivate or Self Detinate - D.M.


  1. I can't wait to follow this journey :) Bring it on!

  2. OMG Sam your competing again! this is soo exciting! Im prepping planning too for Oct next year....looking forward to this journey AFTER and you both...How is your little man?

    I have a new website, not blog though...

    Great to see your blog again xo

  3. sorry website is