Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weekends Training Pictures and More Time than I Thought!

Ok, so comp is in mid April (Jethros birthday to be exact), heaps of time! I wont start comp diet til end of Jan now. I was actually looking forward to getting stuck into a comp diet, don't know why :)?? hhaha, suppose I am a pretty committed eater already, I plan it and then I eat it, I eat my proteins/fats/ carbs the best way for me, the way my body likes it. Suppose the thought of a comp diet doesnt scare me anymore, why should it? You only feel deprived if you let yourself feel deprived.
A few obsticales this week, but you know what? I would rather hobble around the block injured at 5.30am and enjoy the beautiful summer morning (as much as I would prefer to be running), than be some lazy f**k in bed sleeping their life away. All is better now, I did my exercises and kept moving! Injuries are always used as an excuse to do nothing, when sometimes movement will aid recovery. I could have easily made excuses this week, but thats just not me.



  2. hey sama! looking pumped girl!! I "start"in January too - just a TAD excited ;) I'm doing May comps - feeling so happy bout it too xo

  3. Hi Sam,

    Wow, fantastic pics. Can't wait to see the final package you present on stage if you are looking this awesome now!

    Shannon :)

  4. You look fantastic Sam! Its gonna be an exciting year ahead!!!!!!!!!! xx