Saturday, December 26, 2009

Late Weekly Photos - Of a different kind!

Been in Malaysia, so here are some pics! Isnt my boy cute :) Went diving a couple times, parasailing, Damo golfing, ate some amazing food and generally had an awesome time.
Glad to be back into it though, miss training hard. But the rest was good considering I will start comp prep in about 4 weeks.
Hope everyones having a good boxing day!


  1. WTF!!!!!!!???

    I cannot believe you have been back since October and no-one thought to tell me the most importent person ;)
    Either you forgot to inform me or you didn't want to tell me!! :)

    SOOOOOOO........ I have just spent the last 20 mins reading all your posts sisnce you been back.

    Glad I found your blog again
    Love Ya
    Shar xx

  2. OMGoodness me what a little spunk....he has grown so much Sam! Great to see your smiling face again xo

  3. You holidays look amazing sam & so does that little boy of yours, what cutie pie!

  4. Welcome back, I love reading your blogs Sam and hearing the advice you have for people. I am working on my weight training and getting my body back (after 2 kids) and really love reading what you have to say. How many times a week do you weight train? I have got mine up to 4, but still have a looong way to go.

    Have a lovely new years and all the best for 2010. xox

  5. Me too! Didn't know you were back blogging! Good to see you back Sam and your little boy Jethro is absolutely beautiful!!!! and I must say you are looking fab too :) What an inspiration you are! Hope you had a wonderful new years! Nicole xx