Saturday, January 2, 2010


I trust everyone had a great New Years. I always find celebrating the end of a year a little depressing, it means their is one less year left of my life... odd maybe but I am not one to wish time away. I enjoyed mine in great company and had a really awesome night!

Shar-d-o I am so upset! You are most important :) I didnt really 'tell' anyone I was back, just came back. You know I love you and I love that cute belly of yours. Lately I have been questioning whether to keep blogging until I read comments from Bec and Nicole on my last post. I realise even if I am inconsistent, it is worth it, thanks ladies I really appreciate it :)

So the veggie patch is doing great, yes Odi is having a pee in the first photo - woops, and no havent done anuthing else with my garden. We have zuccini, cucumber, morrow, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, 2 x asian veg, butternut pumpkin, corn, carrots... and more stuff still coming. The taste of these veg are amazing and the size of the zuccini is crazy!!!

Okay guys gotta go training not been to plan today due to a sleepless little man and got a busy day ahead!


  1. Hey bestest girlie,
    You do know it was said tongue in cheek about me being important!

    I'm very glad your back, you are an inspiration and even the odd blog post is most definately a worthy addition to my reading pleasure.

    I love seeing your bestest boy too, so keep the pics coming.
    Loving the veggies.

    Shar x

  2. oooo Sam please keep blogging....Im looking forward in reading your journey and becoming inspired by you once again! x P.S Fab vegie garden!

  3. Loving the gardens so much you've inspired me to start my own in pots. ;o) xxx