Friday, January 8, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Thanks Jeh! oh and congrats on teaming with Michelle!
It seems everyone has done this one, except me hahahahah!

7 Random Facts:
1. I love my group fitness classes so much I would teach them for free! sshhhh dont tell the clubs!
2. I have 2 birth marks. One on my arm/wrist the other on my elbow.
3. I have Raynauds disease which means I avoid the cold. I tried being medicated for it but as my blood pressure is already low the medication almost made me faint when I stood up. So I just deal with it and avoid the cold as much as possible, no winter ski trips for me! It is actually very painful, its kinda like your hands start dieing, it is technically what starts to happen when your hands become frost bitten.
4. I have been pierced 17 times! yes you read right. Currently I have just 3 in though.
5. I got my first tattoo last August ( a tribute to my dad) and am planning another but it is summer and I dont like the thought of not swimming for 2 weeks after so will wait for winter.
6. Speaking of swimming, I love the ocean and LOVE being under it. I have been diving for over 15 years. My dad taught me to freedive when I was a kid.
7. oh its getting hard now.... I am currently constructing a new lego project. It is a carousel, before you think I am childish, it is aimed at 16years+!!! hahaha. I really loved lego as a child, now that I have Jethro I had a great excuse to buy the carousel (although he wont be permitted to go near it until he is 16;)).

Wow, I am sure there was more interesting things I could have talked about.

I Tag:
Pocket Rocket Rene
Alicia and bump
Shar and bump

Hasnt everyone else done it???? :)


  1. Great to see you back blogging - love reading your posts! Love lego too - I am usually building things for Tucker! x

  2. lego - thats hilarious Sam - love that u wrote that! xx

  3. Loved it!

    Thanks for tagging me... I dont think there are 7 interesting facts about me...LOL

    : )