Thursday, January 21, 2010

F.I.R.E. training at The Cell on Saturday

As all you PTers and GFIs know, to get Insurance you need to be a registered professional. Well when my registration was due for renewal I renewed through F.I.R.E.Fitness Industry Registration and Education I have the pleasure of knowing the lady behind this registration board personally and I can recommend you consider registering with them when your accreditation is due. I am happy to talk to anyone who might be interested, the service is much better than that of 'better known' registration boards.
Anyway F.I.R.E. ran a members challenge on Saturday at The Cell and challenged I certainly was! Looking forward to some more training sessions down there, the challenge is something I really look forward to, especially since I changed my mind about competing again. I like exploring new things, something I dont always do when in comp mode.

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  1. You are a MACHINE! you remind me of Linda Hamilton in the Terminator! I am SO in awe of your strenght and fitness Sam, I think I might print these pictures out and stick them up in my new gym. I am starting a new life filled with fitness this weekend and hopefully I will never look back xxx