Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quoting other people here.......

Increasingly disappointed at the lack of possitive response to weight training from people who ask me what to do. Asside from feeling like I am banging my head against a brick wall, I am biting my tongue in a bid not to respond to this:
"I can't lift weights I will get too big"
"Well if you wont try it just keep doing what your doing if that is working for you"

Disscuss please! I have been drawing inspiration for some new responses.

"Everybody who lifts weights much stretch, and EVERYBODY must lift weights" - Pavel Tsatsouline (I certainly would do what this man tells me ;))

"When you are sitting around your fat does nothing, but your muscles need energy" - K.F. (my training buddy helping me connect ;))

" Well if you can get that big you should write a book, you will make millions!" - John (a fellow gym member).

Come on people give me your favourites!


  1. I've got nothing! ALL of the girls oout here think muscles are ugly and love the skinny fat look so I feel like a freak when I am fit. I will enjoy hearing other people's ideas :)

  2. Oh Sam - this gives me the shits BIG quote
    "You are only going to get bigger doing cardio and eating whatever you want because you think the cardio is burning it off, toughen up and lift"

  3. I once over heard a very overweight personal training client say to her trainer "I do not want to lift weights like her - and I don't want to look like her either" - she was referring to me! I did not want to look like her either!!!!!

  4. Little Rene, I love the word skinny fat. It is used often by me :)

    Fern, I am sure you are the Queen of comebacks! I love your style :)

    Maryanne, that is unreal! I love that one!