Monday, February 1, 2010

I Fail to Understand

Why anyone would want to have a less than fit and healthy lifestyle?

  • When having a fit healthy lifestyle will enhance your lifestyle into old age.
  • When I will chase my grandchildren.
  • When I will get out of a chair without complaining.
  • When I wake up and LIKE what I see.
  • When I walk along the beach in a bikini because I feel good.
  • When young men hit on me thinking I am in my 20's ;)
  • When I run through the house with Jethro on my back and he says 'more' and yes I can physically give him more!
  • When I bench press my bodyweight and the endorphines last for hours.
  • When I run early morning and the streets are empty and my body buzzes and I feel like I have achieved so much and the day hasn't even started.
  • When girls up to 10 years my junior ask old me what they can do to look like me.
  • When people tell me I inspire them.
  • When my body suprises me on a daily basis by getting older, yet stronger and fitter.
  • When my body produced life and remained physically cable of exercise even past the due date!
  • When the food on my plate looks like it did when nature produced it and eating it gives me nourishment and a sence of wellbeing.
  • Enjoying the natural vibe the above food sends me.
  • When everyday brings me something to look forward to instead of looking forward to a certain day.
  • When it is yoga morning and I know my body needs different attention that morning.
  • When I do it and know my body is made to do it!
  • Because I feel 'it'. And 'it' is like watching a cheetah pouncing in slow motion. You can visualise and connect with your body, understand what it is doing, that the function requires action from many different elements of your body.... and you get it!

And yes I get it, and it will never leave me because it feels bloody good!

Don't ever do it because you have to, do it because you where made to. Do it to improve it.

You only get one life, there is nothing later, why wouldnt you want to make the most of it?

Balance, don't be hard on yourself, we are not perfect, don't ever try to be, trust me I am certainly not! Pull down the boundry fence and make the choice not the rules. Breaking a rule feels bad, making a choice feels good.

Continue to build your lean body mass and you will defeat the slowing metabolism that comes with growing older.

Thats all I have to say today.


  1. and all I have to say is
    A - frekin - Men

    Shar x

  2. Nice one Sam!
    Yep - its not just about looking good, its also about feeling good and being able to live a better and better life the older we get rather than becoming fat, decrepid, slow and tired!