Friday, February 5, 2010

Why I wouldnt want to be 20 again....

1. I believed a step class would be more beneficial than weight training. Oh, and didnt really believe I needed to weight train.
2. I would eat a muesli bar for breakfast.
3. I actually believed a muesli bar was healthy.
4. I was vegetarian for 6 years. Not saying its not healthy, just that it resulted in eating a lot of refined products because I didnt know better. I ate low fat, no other nutrients where taken into account.
5. Then I was an avid Atkins follower - yes after 6years of vegetarianism I decided to eat animals again.
6. I binge drank on weekends and believed that it did no harm (oh and yes its probably something you just have to do), then did step Sunday morning pretty hung over.
7. I believed in the quantity of cardio, not the quality.
8. I didnt like wearing a bikini.
9. I believed in skipping meals or eating fruit for lunch to try and loose weight. Scale weight of course!
10. I never lost weight.
11. I drunk diet sodas.
12. I used artificial sweetners.
13. I didnt like myself.
14. I was always looking forward to something in the future, especially when I would finally be skinny!
15. I vommited, and not because I was sick.

Any wonder I was always trying to loose weight!

When I see young girls, I never wish to be there again. For me, here is much better.


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  1. yes i remember the binge drinking and eating on the weekends only to starve myself for the rest of the week to do it all again the next weekend.