Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Training Buddy

This is my training buddy Kellie. But we are more than just 'training buddies', we are lovers hahaha just kidding, it's just that it sounded like that's the way the sentence was going, how it was really going is that we are real life buddies.

I met this lady over a year ago, I brought her into the 'weights room' and she took me back to the real world - enjoying the mornings in the great outdoors. As she has gotten stronger, I have gotten quicker.

I learn from this woman. I laugh with this woman (although apparently not so much when I almost started a comp diet) though she never told me that at the time, because instead she chooses to support and encourage me to do it.

What a body hey? I get to perve on this body between sets. She deserves this body. She eats a clean diet and like me 20% of the time allows leeway. Neither of us can be or would want to be perfect (we both like a glass of champas too much and enjoy real living). We understand our 30+yo bodies and know how to treat them. She trains hard - its not the quantity its the quality, she is an awesome runner. She TRAINS FOR LIFE. That is what she will tell you if you ask her and hence sho I stole the line from.

I have great respect for her as a person I am very lucky to have my buddy. She was there for me throughout the hardest part of my life, and although at that time I didn't know her well, she understood me and was probably the only person who didnt think that I needed 'help' just because I was having a hard day.

No bullshit, zero tolerance, honesty. What more can one look for in a friend. She gets my RESPECT.


  1. What a lovely post and yes what a hot bod to perv on!!

  2. Bugger....you would have caused some more excitement in blogger land if you'd kept going with your lover story Sam!! LOL!

  3. What a hot pair you two must make at the Gym Samo! I want muscles like that :)