Friday, February 26, 2010

What is Best?

I am a mum and I run a business. My plans don't always come to fruition. I have to balance sometimes.

So what do I choose to do if I have just 4 hours to train a week? I do 2 weight sessions and 2 cardio. You don't need to do a lot of cardio to loose or maintain your weight. You would be suprised how controlling your diet and weight training is as much a powerful tool.

After I had Jethro I was only able to exercise 3 to 4 times a week. Through diet, and the 3 to 4 sessions (made up 2weight 2 cardio), oh and lets not forget the calories I expended breastfeeding, I was able to get back to where I wanted to be.

Let me just add that you can expend up to 500 calories a day breastfeeding, thats like going for a run without running! Lets be realistic here, I was eating a clean diet, so I was expending more calories than eating (the simple math we all know right??) just pointing out that breastfeeding is not a miracle weight loss tool, it is simply extra calories that your body requires to produce the milk and support a life, I wasn't eating crap and loosing weight, I was eating well and loosing weight.

I suppose I am trying to say that if you are time limited, make smart exercise choices. One to two intense cardio sessions and 1 to 2 low rep heavy weight sessions, a healthy diet and you will be back on track in no time!


  1. So true Sam! I have only been eating really well for close to a week and the changes to my body already are amazing! Even Michelle Bridges says in her books that nutrition is the most important component. I totally think she is right :)

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  3. Great post Sam! Especially for mums out there who at times can feel so overwhelmed & may think if there is no time to fit lots of exercise in then there is no point doing any, it is amazing the changes you can make in just a few hours a week along side a healthy diet.