Sunday, February 21, 2010

This weeks training and I got inked again!

Anyone want to guess what it means? I think I might have given it away in a previous post. It is nautical flags (as is the one on my wrist) but the letters of this one are ....... JETHRO. I decided not to get them coloured at this stage, I am not sure I want them coloured, I like the colour on my wrist, but not sure here.

When Jethro was shown he looked over his own shoulder puts his hands out and says "gone"..... hehe I am sure this is an argument we will have when he is in his teens. I tell everyone that you shouldnt get tatoos until you are 30. I think that if I had of gone through with the ones I wanted when I was 20 I would be full of regret! I actually cringe at the thought of them. Life has given me some experiences which I wanted to permanently mark my body with, they have meaning, not just some picture that I liked.

Anyway, so thought I would blog what my training has been for the past few weeks, actually make that months with a few little changes the last few weeks!

Sunday: AM Back and rear delts
Monday: AM Yoga PM Teach Body Attack
Tuesday: AM 6km run in 30mins good day to 32mins PM Crossfit
Wednesday: AM Stretching PM Chest & Shoulders
Thursday: AM 6km run in 30 to 32mins PM Crossfit
Friday: AM Yoga
Saturday: AM 10km run 50mins on good day 52.50 on bad (ie with DOMS)

As you can see I have let go of a couple of weight sessions, not training legs at the moment cause they seem to get a hammering at Crossfit and not doing bis and tris, the other obvious choice to drop because they are small muscle groups.

Gees it is getting dark! All my AM training during the week is done at 5.30am as Jethro is in bed and this means I can train, shower and eat breakfast before he wakes. Dreading the return of winter hope I can try keep those 2 6km runs in.


  1. FARK! No wonder you look like you and I look like me! Gee whiz! How can you do so much exercise? I've got to get my act together. Maybe I need a training partner :) I might advertise ;)

    I love the tat and I am not a tatoo lover xxx

  2. I can't remember but didn't I once tell you that once you got one (tattoo) you always get more? (lol). It's an inking addiction!