Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quoting other people here.......

Increasingly disappointed at the lack of possitive response to weight training from people who ask me what to do. Asside from feeling like I am banging my head against a brick wall, I am biting my tongue in a bid not to respond to this:
"I can't lift weights I will get too big"
"Well if you wont try it just keep doing what your doing if that is working for you"

Disscuss please! I have been drawing inspiration for some new responses.

"Everybody who lifts weights much stretch, and EVERYBODY must lift weights" - Pavel Tsatsouline (I certainly would do what this man tells me ;))

"When you are sitting around your fat does nothing, but your muscles need energy" - K.F. (my training buddy helping me connect ;))

" Well if you can get that big you should write a book, you will make millions!" - John (a fellow gym member).

Come on people give me your favourites!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

F.I.R.E. training at The Cell on Saturday

As all you PTers and GFIs know, to get Insurance you need to be a registered professional. Well when my registration was due for renewal I renewed through F.I.R.E.Fitness Industry Registration and Education I have the pleasure of knowing the lady behind this registration board personally and I can recommend you consider registering with them when your accreditation is due. I am happy to talk to anyone who might be interested, the service is much better than that of 'better known' registration boards.
Anyway F.I.R.E. ran a members challenge on Saturday at The Cell and challenged I certainly was! Looking forward to some more training sessions down there, the challenge is something I really look forward to, especially since I changed my mind about competing again. I like exploring new things, something I dont always do when in comp mode.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, I am not competing!

Was due to start comp prep next week, but have decided I don't want it anymore! Do you blame me after seeing the above pictures?
I blogged about this a long long time ago, but during comp prep I always feel like my life is 'on hold'. I am waiting for something. Normally I live for everyday, not living for a day in the future. As the time to prep came closer I felt the shift in my emotion, the longing for a future day/event. Not the normal longing for the day that I had woken in. I didnt want to be like this for the next 3months.
This is not the end, it is just not the right time! plenty more comps in the future.
So where does this leave my blog? I was suppose to just use it to record my comp prep..... what now? Perhaps a random weekly blog about something?? not sure. So, in the words of my training buddy:
'I am training for life' - K.F.
The next time I am asked (and there will be a next time cause someone is always asking me) 'what are you training for?'...... I will repeat the above, because that is the truth!
On another note, we are getting the most awesome veggies in our garden. Last night we did beetroot on the bbq with out steak.... who would have thought?? didnt know how it would trun out but it was just awesome :)


Friday, January 8, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Thanks Jeh! oh and congrats on teaming with Michelle!
It seems everyone has done this one, except me hahahahah!

7 Random Facts:
1. I love my group fitness classes so much I would teach them for free! sshhhh dont tell the clubs!
2. I have 2 birth marks. One on my arm/wrist the other on my elbow.
3. I have Raynauds disease which means I avoid the cold. I tried being medicated for it but as my blood pressure is already low the medication almost made me faint when I stood up. So I just deal with it and avoid the cold as much as possible, no winter ski trips for me! It is actually very painful, its kinda like your hands start dieing, it is technically what starts to happen when your hands become frost bitten.
4. I have been pierced 17 times! yes you read right. Currently I have just 3 in though.
5. I got my first tattoo last August ( a tribute to my dad) and am planning another but it is summer and I dont like the thought of not swimming for 2 weeks after so will wait for winter.
6. Speaking of swimming, I love the ocean and LOVE being under it. I have been diving for over 15 years. My dad taught me to freedive when I was a kid.
7. oh its getting hard now.... I am currently constructing a new lego project. It is a carousel, before you think I am childish, it is aimed at 16years+!!! hahaha. I really loved lego as a child, now that I have Jethro I had a great excuse to buy the carousel (although he wont be permitted to go near it until he is 16;)).

Wow, I am sure there was more interesting things I could have talked about.

I Tag:
Pocket Rocket Rene
Alicia and bump
Shar and bump

Hasnt everyone else done it???? :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I trust everyone had a great New Years. I always find celebrating the end of a year a little depressing, it means their is one less year left of my life... odd maybe but I am not one to wish time away. I enjoyed mine in great company and had a really awesome night!

Shar-d-o I am so upset! You are most important :) I didnt really 'tell' anyone I was back, just came back. You know I love you and I love that cute belly of yours. Lately I have been questioning whether to keep blogging until I read comments from Bec and Nicole on my last post. I realise even if I am inconsistent, it is worth it, thanks ladies I really appreciate it :)

So the veggie patch is doing great, yes Odi is having a pee in the first photo - woops, and no havent done anuthing else with my garden. We have zuccini, cucumber, morrow, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, 2 x asian veg, butternut pumpkin, corn, carrots... and more stuff still coming. The taste of these veg are amazing and the size of the zuccini is crazy!!!

Okay guys gotta go training not been to plan today due to a sleepless little man and got a busy day ahead!