Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, I am not competing!

Was due to start comp prep next week, but have decided I don't want it anymore! Do you blame me after seeing the above pictures?
I blogged about this a long long time ago, but during comp prep I always feel like my life is 'on hold'. I am waiting for something. Normally I live for everyday, not living for a day in the future. As the time to prep came closer I felt the shift in my emotion, the longing for a future day/event. Not the normal longing for the day that I had woken in. I didnt want to be like this for the next 3months.
This is not the end, it is just not the right time! plenty more comps in the future.
So where does this leave my blog? I was suppose to just use it to record my comp prep..... what now? Perhaps a random weekly blog about something?? not sure. So, in the words of my training buddy:
'I am training for life' - K.F.
The next time I am asked (and there will be a next time cause someone is always asking me) 'what are you training for?'...... I will repeat the above, because that is the truth!
On another note, we are getting the most awesome veggies in our garden. Last night we did beetroot on the bbq with out steak.... who would have thought?? didnt know how it would trun out but it was just awesome :)



  1. Love the "Training for Life" - thats me too. I just want to be physically and mentally healthy all the time and love life with my family, rather than train for a specific date. Living for every day is so important. As you experienced earlier last year and I did late last year you never know what tomorrow might bring so make the most of the NOW moments in your life! x

  2. Jethro is such a SPUNK!! Like his ma and pa!

    Hmmmmm BEETROOT is one of my FAV vege of ALL times! YUMMMMM AND I love it on steak too!!! hilarious!

    That's what I love bout you Sama - whether you competing or not, you love being healthy, training and living a beautiful life - and that's what it's all about isn't it?? Comps come and go - life doesn't xo

  3. Yay! I cannot tell you how happy I am for you that you have made this decision Sam! I was SOworried that comp prep would take away your happiness and contentment that you have finally achieved in terms of exercise and nutrition. You look AMAZING and can obviously enjoy the best of both worlds: time with your family, eating ad drinking for health and pleasure and exercising because you love it.

    I too am training for life (I jus have a bit further to go than you ;)

    SO happy for you and you look beautiful in the pics :)

  4. Training for life - nice ;)
    I love love love fresh grated beets on a salad, they also roast very well too!

  5. I felt exactly the same way when I decided to take a break from study and have a life!