Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Tribute

After all the inking in blogland, I felt it is time to post mine. I had this tattoo done in August. So what does it mean? I really do hear you asking that because thats what everyone asks!

This is a nautical flag, it represents the letter 'D'. I also had the letter D put in the middle of the flag. D = Dad, D = Don, D = Dunbar. D just is my dad, and boats where my dads life, thats where the nautical flag comes in.

This way I have my dad with me everyday, personally, the tattoo is more than a tribute, it is my way of showing RESPECT. I loved and respected him enough that I would mark my body for life (crap I am crying - AGAIN!) 2nd time today. But thats ok :)

Dad had his full name tattooed on the inside of his forearm. He did it when he was 11 with a needle and ink. Consequently he hated tattoos. He always told me not to get a tattoo, its funny, he would kill me but be totally chuffed by it (although never show it). He would simply smile and say 'ooohhhhh chicken, why did you do that?'..... in a scalding appreciative way. Kinda like when I brought Odi home as a puppy, he really wanted him and couldnt hide his happiness beneath his scalding of me. He just gave up and said 'give him here' and smothered him with cuddles. Thats probably what he would do to me, give up trying to scald and cuddle me because he would really be chuffed.


  1. Hi Sam,
    Thankyou for your lovely comment. :) I just wanted to say that I read your post months ago when Your father first past away, I wont go there cannot imagine it. My father has a serious heart condition and I love him so much. I felt your pain, Im still lucky to have my father. I hope your healing. xo

  2. Ok now im all teary.

    I love yout Tattoo and if it suits you then why not. My dad had a lot to do with my tatt on my arm but for reasons I wont bother repeating here, Im having it removed.

    Tattoos are so symbolic and only their owner can apprecite their true worth.

    I like how your dad would be cross but chuffed at the same time. Cute.
    I bet you're doing him so proud.


  3. I love it Sam! I want to do exactly the dame thing and get tattooed in memory of Mum & Dad. Big virtual hugs coming your way. xxx

  4. I think it's a beautiful tattoo and a beautiful symbolic message for you.

    Um, has anyone ever told you that once you get one you always want more? (lol).

  5. Hi Tiarna, sorry to hear your dad is not well :( Big hugs xx.

    Thanks Friday, I hope it ages with me and not against me! hhhhhaaa

    Lia, I think you should do it! I love that people always ask me about it, it means I get to talk about dad all the time :)

    Hey Shelley, hell yeah! I got bitten by the tattoo bug, my hubby is not a fan, at least he is keeping me reined in. LOL