Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unfinished Business

My little big boy is turning 2 soon.

My last comp ..... 2006!

in. I feel my last comp I wasn't as good as I could be. I trained for years with an injury, and by the end my heart wasn't in it.

But how do you guage if you can be better than your last time? All I can say is that I am so much stronger, in all measures I am lifting more than ever. I have trained hard for last 2 years - yep my son turns 2 next month! Getting big isn't he? but doI have more muscle? I believe so, but only getting in comp shape will give me this answer.

In the end, you only compete against yourself becuase you can't control who will be next to you on the day, or what the judges are looking for. We are not measured on physical ability. You can't consider it a sport, but neither is golf really!

Strength of the mind is underated. Most people put to much liability on the physical and neglect the possibility that what is stopping you from achieving what you want is your mind. I love training, I will train forever, but dieting is damn hard! Sometimes I think it would be bloody easy to just join the biggest looser house for 3 months, the hardest part of dieting is living a normal life at the same time, those people in the biggest looser don't have societal pressure or their husband eating Thai in front of them :) Yep Damo likes to think that he just makes me stronger!

I need to do a call out though... some help maybe. Has anyone trained Crossfit throughout their comp prep? Really interested to know as I am enjoying it and want to keep going as long as possible. As I have posted before this is where I am training and Jason is kindly sending me some info to have a look at. I am a big believer in TRAINING FOR LIFE so enjoying the Crossfit concept.
I just killed a fly with my hand..... awsome Mr Miyagi would be proud! haha


  1. You are looking great as always Sam

  2. you look fabulous! really an inspiration I think.

  3. I'm not really sure what you are saying Samo? Are you telling us that you are planning on doing another comp now?

    If so tell us the details sister!

    You look awesome as always :)