Friday, March 26, 2010

Cardio Culled!

Long time no post! Busy of course. Been contemplating lots of things. Seeings no bloggers could help me with my last post, I have been doing some hard thinking.
I have been watching some videos on Chastity Slone, if you don't know her here she is.

Seriously impressed right? It got me thinking about what makes a Pro a Pro. I supose my exposure is limited to the Amature ranks. Yes I have done Phat Camp with Jen H and read numerous articles by the pros. The resounding common denominator I have found is that the pros are in awesome nick all year round. Oh and I am mainly hearing the whole '6 week' diet thrown around (as does Chastity Slone in a video I watched of her preping comp food for her 6week diet). Is that what makes a pro? Their ability to stay lean and diet 6 weeks out?.... part of it of course!

So this brings me to something I have been blogging about for a while. Commonly I have been exposed to 12weeks or 16weeks, this leaves the thought of a shorter time frame quiet scarey! But for no other reason then the thought of not knowing if I could make it. Drawing from all this and my experience, I don't need 12weeks for this coming comp. It is time to delete this number from my head. It is time to have faith. The hard work I do and the commitment to a steardy diet for LIFE has ensured I have remained pretty tight.

The decision I have made is to attack this comp from 10weeks. Yes right now I have moved my 80% clean guideline up to about 90%, but I have also inserted a cardio ban! This is a ban on runs, I am only allowed to teach my 1 attack class a week. I will re-introduce my distance work when and if needed in the 10week comp prep. As I have mentioned before, I prefer to know I am in control without cardio, for me in normal life it is a tool, not a reliance! I can control my physique through weight training, diet and minor cardio once or twice a week.

In saying all this I have AIM training this Saturday for Body Attack (its an advanced instructor module) 9.30am to 7pm. Hard yakka, so looking forward to it though.

On another note, Chastity is a Crossfitter, so got some good info there too.


  1. I think you could bring it into comp easy in even less than 10 weeks Sam.You are already so lean.Also i think you looked fantastic in your last comp. Are you doing the WFF/ NABBA comp in May? Good Luck

  2. I am going to do the All-Females. Planning to start dieting in May.

    I will be at the Nabba comp in May (not competing of course), will I see you there?