Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spewing my thoughts....

Photo from The Cell

An all or nothing attitude. To what degree? Previously, I would do what it takes, to the detriment of my prinicpals. I have changed.

I am not defined as a Figure Competitor, sure, that attitude may not make me the best, but in who's eyes? It may not get me first place, it may not make me the best onstage, but it will sure as hell make me the best I can be.

What am I talking about? Well, in past years getting ready for a comp ment that it was placed first above everything else in my life. I eat and train to have a healthy lifestyle, my plan is to slip into a competition without jeapodising my principals. A clear cut example of this was when I was purchasing my free range eggs and the thought crossed my mind just to get whites (as I am consuming a little more than normal at the moment) as it would probably be cheaper (as I am throwing away the yoke or giving it to the dog). But where are my principals? I eat free range because the health of the chicken is important, I beleive, it is integral to the quality of the egg. Why did my thinking revert? I will not negotiate my principals for this comp.

Yes, as I get closer to my comp there will be certain things that may be questionable. But there are some things I will just not do this time around! This may not make me the best on stage, but it will make me the best I can be without compromising on my principals.

I am in this world for the long haul, I am a figure competitor for 10minutes onstage. The rest of the time I am just doing my best to be fit and healthy.

I will train different, I will think different.


  1. Good for you Sam (and there will be a whole lot of chooks sighing in relief)
    Trust me, you'll be better than you ever thought was possible if you uphold your standards. I know that.
    xoxox Liz N

  2. Awesome post... You rock.

    And, Yeah... What Liz said.


  3. Good for you chicky...keep your principals! Even though it's quite a bit more expensive-we eat free chicken and eggs...even during this comp prep. It's what's important to us.
    And, which comp are you doing? I missed something along the way..LOL

  4. Hahahah Liz, so funny! yes those chickens will be "bwok bwoking" in relief, but I am not sure about the one wandering the paddock waiting to arrive on my dinner plate!

    Thanks Friday!

    Hi Raechelle, All-Females! starting prep next month. Sounds like your prep is going well too!