Sunday, November 7, 2010

Growing Veggies

Jethro loves tormenting slaters.

For someone who dislikes gardening, I have learnt to love it. Making the decision to start an organic veggie garden was easy (because I got someone else to do it) now I look after it myself and I am enjoying it. Jethro loves to be outside so Sunday mornings are a regular tending to 'Jethro's veggie garden' as he calls it.

Summer planting has been done and we have; Strawberries, Beetroot, Cos Lettuce, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Mignonette Lettuce, Spinach, Rocket, Spring Onion, Capsicum, Roma Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Eggplant, Zuchini, Pak Choi, Wong Bok, Corn, Squash, Pumpkin, Rockmelon. Plus my Grapefruit tree is flowering and going to be producing heaps this season, and a mango tree. We also have a constant supply of herbs, chillis, garlic and spring onion.
A great book I have is Organic Vegetable Gardening by Annette McFarlane. It also covers pest control with some DIY sprays and those organically registered off the shelf. I have had whiteflies and caterpillars. Lots of slaters too, but they don't cause any damage.


  1. OMG... look at Jethro, I cant believe how big he is.

    Aaaaaw he's wearing little thongs. Bless!

    I cant concentrate on the veggie garden, yr son is toooo cute!!!


  2. Looks great! We're making room for a vegie patch once our new place is built. Just gotta find the right spot for it....xoxo

  3. Friday.... thongs and his pj's :).... yeah he's pretty cute!

    Alicia, the taste is amazing, yes if you've got the room it is so worth it :)

  4. Gorgeous garden and boy! We have a cranking veggie garden too and it is SO much fun!
    I need to purchase a book to help me plan how much to plant for our little family :)