Sunday, March 13, 2011

FitX - Pro Qualifier Pictures backstage


  1. WOW Sam, you look completely different to anything I've seen of you in the past before. You presented a completely different package this time around and look sensational.

    Congrats on your comeback! xxx

  2. Nice!
    Get to us with your results asap please?

    Also how the launch of mind sweat went.

  3. You look fantastic Sam :) Well done!

  4. Ditto to all of the above; I was totally going to say what Lia did-amazing how we can reshape our bodies, hey! Well done!

  5. Great work Sam! Yes.... very different looking to even 2 weeks ago. Well done on all you have achieved in your sporting / athletic life and in your personal quests.
    Here is to "Better Days + Better Ways" (KIck by INXS of course!

    X Marg