Monday, December 13, 2010

Mind Sweat

I am constantly thinking and will often describe myself as 'multi-tasking' most of the day. I believe that the hard work is done controlling your thoughts and beliefs. Most of the time the easy option is not necessarily easier on the body, just easier on the mind. Our mind most definetely gives up before our body.

When I talk about Mind Sweat I am talking about controlling all aspects of my life, I am a business woman, a mother, a wife, and of course, I am Sam. As an individual I have my own dreams, goals and asperations. I juggle these among the other areas of my life.

I am constantly changing, my thoughts are far from static, they evolve with my age, experience and environment.

I can be working on a number of areas of my life at a time, or I can be devoting my thoughts to something in particular. NEVER would I describe myself as NOT having to work at it. I will work at it until I loose it (my mind that is!).

For the last few weeks my mind has been sweating away convincing myself I am a winner :) Not competitive by nature (except at competing against myself and being better that I can be) I am at a point where I have to start believing I am not only better that I was before, but better than the rest. Not something I personally find easy by nature, thankfully, Michelle Nazaroff is awesome at this. Onward and upward my minds hard work is paying off!

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