Sunday, December 12, 2010

So sick of the media passing the blame

Come on, who cares if KFC are giving away gift vouchers? Oh yeah, and they are responsible (with all the other fast food chains) for obesity in Australia. WTF, come on, do they hold you down and shove food in the mouths of our population? How come they haven't got me yet?

People know it is no good for them, but they cotinue to ignore it. We are educated enough on what is good/not good for us, its just that the people dont care enough about their health or the heath of their children (which are the innocent victims being fed crap by uncaring parents). Apparently it tastes so good that you can't resist it..... well that kind of weak thinking wont get you anywhere.

KFC, try something other than a gift voucher to win my business, I DARE YOU, come on try!

Come on people take some responsibility, blame yourself, not others.


  1. Yes I get the shits about things like this as well Sam! No matter what is going on in your life there are usually healthy, or healthier, food options available. In our society we really have no excuses. It is always a conscious decision to overeat or consistently choose fattening and unhealthy food!

  2. Hi Sam,

    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm really loving being a runner, especially as carbs are well and truly on the menu LOL.

    Look forward to following your journey to your next comp. You're in excellent hands working with Michelle.



  3. Thanks Gillian!

    Little Rene, you are so right, we make the choices!

    Magda, have been following you, just I am a slack commenter sometimes :)

  4. Hear hear! Im so over people blaming the fast food giants for their weight issues. No one forced them to walk in the door and order a super sized meal....with a diet coke to make it all better ;)