Friday, December 10, 2010

'Why don't you just make the meat ok?'

Picture that in an awesome Rocky Balboa voice :)

I flew into Singapore last night for a meeting today, and my movie of choice for the plane was Rocky (I just love Sly, so much so that is what I wanted to name our son but Damo wouldnt have a bar of it). It got me thinking, he is so focused and lives, dreams and trains for his big fight, was something I could relate to entirely at the moment and how I am feeling leading up to this comp. I was like 'Sly are you the only one who understands me right now?' :)

He says to his girlfriend Adrian (when she is seeking a little attention ;) ).... 'Why don't you just make the meat ok?'....... was wondering if I would get away asking my hubby to make my meat like that? and does it work with other forms of protein like, 'Why don't you just make the egg whites ok?'.

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