Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Piston Cup

Anyone with little boys will most certainly know the movie 'Cars', Jethro loves it. The cars race for the 'Piston Cup'. Jethro goes into my gym and calls the trophy above 'mummy's Piston Cup'! So funny. He likes to mention that mummy won the Piston Cup :) It does have a likeness to the real Piston Cup!

Arn't I every little boys dream mother? I mean how cool am I? Winning the Piston Cup and all.....

Last week he built a Duplo house, when he was showing me he points to an area and says 'this is mummy's gym'....hahaha glad his priorities are right, the most important room in the home is my gym (officially on the plans a theatre room) but I like to use my 5 x 6m space for much better purposes, whose got time to watch movies?

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