Friday, December 3, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Since my last post, I turned 32 and although not expecting much (Damo being away and all), was spoilt by the important people in my life and enjoyed the fact it was my birthday :)

I have been OS again, I have been training hard, working and planning big.

Tomorrow marks 14weeks to my next competition - FitX in Melbourne, where I will also be exhibiting and launching a big personal project. Setting the date has left me with an enormous amount of things to do, however nervous I may be, I am glad that I have set the date because I have wanted to do this for years.

I posted late last year about my comp plans and that I was going to be coached by Michelle Nazaroff , heres what I wrote:

decided that I needed to take the decision making out of my own hands, I have prepped myself before and found I am just not objective, I am a little hard on myself, I think that there are a number of competitors that I have spoken to who are like this. It is to the point that I make counterproductive decisions, against my better judgement. I really struggle to view myself objectively. So I knew I had to be coached.

I have been seeing Michelle for the last 4weeks as a client, and alls good, these comps feel so right!... I did say comps, well because I will back it up with the next weekend in IFBBs Perth, followed by the Australasians in Sydney mid April.

Hope I can keep up on the blogging, poke me if I am slack again. But give me a break next week because I have to go OS again!


  1. Geez Sam, you certainly have a LOT on! Also I might pick your brains over the next few months about the vegie patch. Im so very jealous of yours! xoxo

  2. Thats awesome you competing again Sam. I'll be down in Melbourne that Weekend, so might come and check the show out! Look forward to following your updates :) Shannon

  3. Yay your back......again :) can you stay this time.....PLEEEEAASE.
    I might give myself official poker status, so watch out.
    You can have next week off but we expact you back soon.


  4. Pick away Alicia!

    Hey Shannon, be good to meet you in Melbourne :)

    Shardio, I will stay. Would enjoy you poking me ;)